“Through the Wall” is based on the exhibition organized by CSUSB Community-based Art and hosted by CB1-G Gallery in Los Angeles in 2016. The book is co-edited by Annie Buckley and Matthew McMilon and designed by Julian Rubalcaba. It includes artwork from the exhibition and writings from participants, teaching artists, faculty, and correctional staff. Published with support from Shoreline Publishing, it will be available for sale on Blurb in the coming months.

Though they are housed in California state prisons, the artists in this book don't let walls and bars keep their imagination and creativity from flying out into the world. Showing a wide range of styles, influences, and feelings, all this artwork was created through a unique partnership between California State University, San Bernadino Community-Based Art and local prisons. Working with artists, students, and university faculty, the men and women who created this art are able to contribute to the world outside, even as they are helping their own interior selves grow and change. Prison Arts Collective believes in the power of art to set anyone free, even if the artist is not.

$25. per book
100% of the proceeds of book and art sales support the ongoing work of CBA / PAC project. 

Reflective of the collaborative and non-hierarchical spirit of PAC programming, the book includes artworks by incarcerated men and women participating at all levels and working in a variety of media. 

All artwork included in "Through the Wall" was donated to CSUSB Community-Based Art and is available for purchase. About half of the artworks found homes in the collections of friends and supporters but we still have many more available for interested collectors/supporters. If you are interested please contact us here.

Books are available for purchase with cash or check in VA220.


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The Prison Arts Collective works to expand access to the transformative power of the arts through collaboration and mutual learning that supports the development of self-expression, reflection, communication, and empathy through providing multidisciplinary arts programming in correctional institutions.

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