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PAC is dedicated to sharing the arts with our communities both inside and outside of corrections. We integrate principles of community-based art and restorative justice using a rich and varied approach to the creative process. We engage in collaborative planning and teaching and are dedicated to academic activism and mutual learning. Our diverse team includes university faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and professional guest artists, writers, musicians, and scholars. In addition, participants can apply to be future peer leaders and mentors. 


Prison Arts Collective’s approach to Arts in Corrections is based on a successful university-prison partnership with a focus on collaboration and mutual learning. We engage participants, institutional partners, and art teachers to develop unique programs for each site. Our program includes art making in multiple media, discourse on art history and contemporary art, creative writing, and music. All of our classes include art history, art making, and reflection with equal emphasis on technique, expression, communication, process, and interpretation.


Photos by Peter Merts

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