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Huxley: Throughout 2021, Huxley worked with PAC to design a guest artist program, made up of 15 individual lessons over 15 weeks. Throughout 2021-2022, PAC taught the new program at the 12 men’s and women’s California State Prisons where PAC holds programming! 


PAC wants to thank everyone at Huxley, all of the artists and talent that contributed to this project. We, and all of our participants, are thrilled to have worked with such a diverse, unique, and passionate group of people to produce such a special distance learning packet!

List of Artists that contributed to the Huxley x PAC distance learning packet:

Christina Quarles, artist 
Daniel Regan, photographer
David Ostow, cartoonist
Faye Wei Wei, artist
Isamaya Ffrench, makeup and visual artist 
Issy Wood, artist
Joey Yu, illustrator and artist
Kai Isaiah Jamal, poet, activist and artist
Kelsey Lu, musician and artist
Mercedes Azpilicueta, artist
Sterling Ruby, artist
Tyler Mitchell, photographer
Vincent Haycock, photographer and filmmaker
Willo Perron and Brian Roettinger, partners and designers at P–R Studio
Wim Hof, extreme athlete and inventor of the Wim Hof method

Santa Monica College Exhibition: From January 14th through March 1st, 2022, Santa Monica College collaborated with Prison Arts Collective on an exhibition titled Art + Transformation at The Barrett Gallery in conjunction with The Broad Stage’s production of Fidelio. 


At the gallery, PAC program alumni, Dominique Tanks, Raul Zarate, Robert Imes, and John Rodriguez led a creative arts workshop and participated in an empowering panel discussion led by PAC Director and Founder, Annie Buckley that offered the public a chance to experience the creativity, reflection, and engagement of a PAC class. The panel discussion, moderated by PAC Founder and Director, Annie Buckley, featured the four teaching artists and explored how the arts impact individual and communal transformation.

Place4Grace: We want to thank Place4Grace for inviting PAC to their Family Summer Kickoff to share “Little Green Froggy,'' a special children’s book created and donated by Timothy, an artist and longtime PAC program participant at California Institution for Men. 


We can't think of a better partner for this project than Place 4 Grace, dedicated to supporting children and families impacted by incarceration. We want to thank our Board Member Alex Masushige, for volunteering to share the book and lead a puppet-making activity with Place 4 Grace's community. We are so glad PAC got to share Timothy’s work with Place4Grace and can't wait for future communities to have access to this special book and activity.

Mass Liberation: We are so grateful to have partnered with Mass Liberation to host our Project Alice Workshop! Two talented PAC alumni members, Tony and John, led a visual arts lesson with support from an amazing group at Mass Liberation in Torrance, CA. 

Anti-Recidivism Coalition: PAC collaborated with ARC in January 2019 to host a reception for Beyond the Blue at the Sacramento offices of ARC and to mount an exhibition of Beyond the Blue at the officers of State Senator Kevin McCarty.

CB1 Gallery: CB1 Gallery, previously located in downtown Los Angeles, hosted PAC's first public exhibition, Through the Wall, in spring 2016. 

Corita Art Center: We are pleased to collaborate with Corita Art Center of Los Angeles. In the summer of 2016, they invited our research team to the Center. Following the visit, they created a new curriculum based on the work and teachings of trailblazing artist and educator, Corita Kent, specifically for our programs in the prisons. 

JP Durand and Liza Carbe of Incendio: These nationally touring musicians and friends of PAC, performed special concerts at the prisons for our incarcerated participants.

Huxley Artists.JPG

Willo Perron, Brian Roettinger, and Vincent Haycock, world renown artists introduced to PAC through Huxley, joined the PAC team in December 2021 at California Institution for Men (CIM) to teach guest artist lessons to PAC participants. These lessons were developed for the Huxley x PAC distance learning packets. Photos courtesy of Prison Arts Collective by Peter Merts.

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